1 Day CCW/CPL Class Available!
Livonia, MI (313) 346-7386
Ft Lauderdale, FL (954) 228-5142
Email: semperfi@ccwnow.com


APRIL & May 2014 SPECIAL!! 1 DAY (MI) BASIC CCW CLASS $99.00!!! (Includes FREE Firearm Rental, required photo & Lunch)

Pre-Registration is required due to limited seating!. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

Give us a call at 313-346-7386 to make a deposit over the phone with a credit card/debit card. WEEKDAYS AND WEEKENDS ARE AVAILABLE!! NOTE: ALL OF OUR  INSTRUCTORS ARE U.S. MARINES AND NRA CERTIFIED. “Semper Fi” (Always Faithful)

Start a New Career as a Firearm Instructor! The NRA Instructor Workshop courses are held in 3 states:(Michigan, Illinois & Florida)

NOTE: Upon Completion All Instructors Will Meet The Requirements Needed To Teach Concealed Pistol License Courses.

(MI) 3 DAY NRA INSTRUCTOR COURSE March 28 - 30,2014 (FULL) $475

(FL) 3 DAY NRA INSTRUCTOR COURSE April 4 – 6,2014 (FULL) $475

(MI) 3 DAY NRA INSTRUCTOR COURSE April 25 – 27,2014 (2 SEATS LEFT) $475

(IL) 3 DAY NRA INSTRUCTOR COURSE May 16 – 18, 2014 (3 SEATS LEFT) $550

(MI) 3 DAY NRA INSTRUCTOR COURSE May 23 – 25, 2014 (3 SEATS LEFT) $475



If you have any questions pertaining to our NRA Instructor Course or any other courses please contact us at (313)346-7386.

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“Marines are first to fight because of their culture and because they maintain a forward-deployed presence near various global hotspots.”
—Gen. Charles C. Krulak, USMC (CMC); 5 May 1997

Semper Fi Firearms Training will allow you to apply for your Michigan CCW/CPL. This class meets all State of Michigan requirements and is taught by NRA Certified Training Instructors. This course is called “Personal Protection in the Home.” This course meets the State of Michigan training standards that you are required to complete prior to applying for the Concealed Pistol License (CPL). Upon successful completion of this course, you will be provided a certificate of completion that you must submit along with your CPL application. REFUSE TO BE A VICTIM!

CCW/CPL Course Covers:

• The safe storage, use, and handling of a pistol • Ammunition knowledge and the fundamentals of pistol shooting • Firearms and the laws, including civil liability issues and the use of deadly force • Avoiding criminal attack and controlling a violent confrontation • All laws that apply to carrying a concealed pistol in this state